6 Awesome Custom ROMs for Seamless Gaming Performance

Custom ROMs are the ones which are customized or developed from the original source code of Android and differ from it in features and/or looks. The easiest way to flash a custom ROM is to use the stock recovery tool included with your device. This flashing process requires very little technical knowledge, but you must know how to navigate the recovery menu. If you don’t want to go down this route, some popular apps will help you flash a ROM without having to take apart your smartphone. CrDroid has made its name in the race of custom ROMs for Android phones. It allows the user to customize their device without losing a pinch of stability. The enthusiastic development team had made it possible to support the old Android cellphones like Poco F1 etc.

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  • POCO F1 is powered by a processor of Snapdragon 845 along with RAM of 6/8 GB.
  • OxygenOS itself is based on stock Android but comes with useful features and customization options.
  • If you want to keep your old Android device alive, Custom ROM is the best option.
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Stock ROM is software that runs on the mobile device which is stored in the read only memory. A truly Stock ROM does not undergo any cosmetic/functional tweaks in its code by the device manufacturer but has its own unique features to attract the customers. Sometimes, these indie developers are just a single person, repackaging the Android code from Google. More often, though, they’re entire development projects or even non-profit foundations. They create ROMs to add features and customization options to Android. Custom ROMs also support devices that may not be supported by their manufacturers anymore.

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